Mind Evolution

Perceivers #3

Jane Killick


The power to move objects with their minds lies dormant inside all perceivers, but they must face death to unlock it, in Mind Evolution, the thrilling novel about young people with special powers.

Michael, working with the police in London, looks into the minds of businessmen driven crazy to the point of suicide. Drugs found in their belongings suggest an addiction raging out of control, but Michael discovers the people supplying them want more than drugs money: they want information.

Using their ability to read minds and sense emotions, Michael and his perceiver friends get drawn deeper into a conspiracy that goes beyond the criminal world. To find the truth, they must track down the mastermind who wants to manipulate perceiver powers for his own ends. But even their new power of telekinesis may not be enough to defeat him.

  • PAGES: 300 (trade paper)
  • RRP: £2.99/$3.99 (ebook) (papeback tbc)
  • PUBLICATION: March 2016 (paperback April 2016)
  • ISBN: 978-1-908340238 (paperback)
  • ASIN: B01CZR4P9M
  • PAPERBACK: Available April 2016

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